Fuelling the Data-driven Enterprises

We at thoughtAnalytik believe
that analytics is not just technology but an operational, a strategy and a business issue.
With this vision we offer the platforms and tools
those are intuitive, intelligent and easy-to-use for non technical business leaders to make sense of data


Self-service Data Preparation

takes away the IT intensive labor of collecting and preparing unruly digital data, and delivers data for insight on demand, from disparate and multiple data sources through secure data pipes in minutes.


Automated EDW

industry best practices based, self-service enabled toolsets to design and develop EDW on demand with integrated data model.


Natural Language enabled Insights

query your data with simple English text or speech and get interactive visualization on insights


Auto Discovery and Self-Service ETL Platform

Ease of Use

Set up and build data transport pipes in minutes.

Apply Auto/Assisted meta data based mapping, universal & custom transformations before data reaches data warehouse

Robust and Scalable

Re-trans ensure zero data loss as data transports are carried through pipes.

Real time infrastructure scaling based on data sources and data volume to be transported

Secured and Monitored

Industry standard data security, encryptions and firewalls.

Authentication, Audit logging and Role based data access control meets/ exceeds data security requirements

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Dare to Experiment With Data

Run your iterative POCs with real data without scary investments of time and money

Dump Labor Intensive ETL

Save money and time without losing flexibility

Drive Platform Migrations

Faster, easier and less risks

“Data can be the lifeblood of an organization if it is allowed to flow freely
across the entire ecosystem.”

Herman Heyns Partner, Data Analytics,
Ernst & Young LLP (UK)

Realize your data dreams now…

Ready to imagine how intuitive and intelligent Koolanch can transport your data in minutes?

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